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Current Focus: Metal-smithing, Pottery, Photography, Painting
Current Mediums: Silver, Gold & Dirt

WOLF + SADIE has allowed me to experiment in my role of multidisciplinary artist by utilizing the brand as a vehicle to work in sculpture, photography, design, illustration & painting. I have created a world where my hands are involved in every mode from creation to completion. I am inspired by storytelling, legacy & honouring traditional practices, while creating minimalist urban adornments that straddle the gap between contemporary & applied arts. In response to the culture over consumption, I work within the slow design movement, striving to leave no material behind. This ethos allows me to take the time to work through the process - as it is just as important as the outcome - while ensuring a visceral connection to each piece, in order to find the space where ethics meet aesthetics.


Bramble Lee Pryde is a multidisciplinary artist, currently working as a metalsmith and sculptor.  Working under the monikers WOLF + SADIE – a jewellery line, and LE LOU ULA – a homeware collection, Pryde explores these concepts while adhering to a slow design ethos. Pryde was recently listed as one of the 10 “designers who are refining the notions of dark fashion” by Paper Magazine and her work has been featured in several seasons of the television show Pretty Little Liars.

Pryde found her way to metal-smithing while traveling abroad after completing her post-secondary education; starting with her foundation year of Fine Arts at OUC, and finishing up in Vancouver with her diploma in Design + Formation from Langara College, a program that merges the design disciplines of spatial formation and communication design by bridging architecture, industrial and graphic design. While traveling through South Asia, she discovered the vital role of adornment in the stories people tell about their culture. This led to returning to Australia, where Pryde specialized further by earning her diploma in Metalsmithing from TAFE, in Perth.

After returning to Canada, Pryde spent a decade honing her business acumen while working in executive and training roles within MAC Cosmetics. As a regional director, she trained top-tier talent, created training's to support the blending of artistry and business initiatives.

In 2012, Pryde left the corporate organization and returned to her roots by applying her skill-set to her own venture, WOLF + SADIE. Since then, she has amassed a devout following, and collaborated with, a diverse scope of photographers, musicians and visual artists globally. Locally, Pryde works with other artists to curate quality artisan shows, in addition to providing consultation on branding and media relations, and the blending of art and business.


...sweeter than cotton candy, stronger than papa's old brandy. Sadie turns, red hair shines like flames biting the heels of the devil himself. "Crybaby!" Nothing but a blank stare gazing back at her. "I'm outta here!" She flies up the stairs and staggers out onto the Strip. Ripped jeans, leather jacket, and the combat boots, always the boots.

Wolf sits, droplets beading on a grizzled maw, watching, waiting for nothing in particular. He always hated the heat; like being covered in a blanket of wet sand. A bolt of red jumps from a sea of black. Sadie barrels towards him with an artful swagger. "What are you, the Big Bad or somethin'?" Who is this stunning, loud creature looming over him? "I want a slice of pie, let's go." Curious, he follows. Unsure why, it just feels right.

The place is a hole in the wall, but she loves it. "Best freaking key lime you'll ever taste. View ain't so bad either." Dusk dances over the crashing waves, veins of caramel in a field of turquoise. Full moon rising, she fiddles with the coral stone on her ring. "I wanna be a mermaid," she says for no real reason at all. Then the look - she'd seen it her whole life - the look of pure confusion, as though she was a cool glass of water sitting on a bed of pancakes. But this time it's different, there's a hint of recognition, he gets it, he gets her. She playfully whacks him with a rolled up newspaper.

They sit, quiet; she's uneasy, never been this still before. Life slips away and the ghost comes to play. Silence is broken, she takes a moment to register who's screaming at her, it's him. "I want my money! You owe me!" She's a time bomb. Before she has a chance to spit her words of venom, Wolf rises - statuesque, no menace, doesn't need to. She's enthralled.

He's in her blood, at her beck and call. He's as mischievous as she dares. "Let's just get outta here, get away from all this noise." With a rebel mind and a gypsy heart, no place could ever be home...