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// five look books // three months // one collection //
Our Ancestors collection as imagined by our favourite artists
Amber Denison & Kerisa Denison
Multi Media Artists based in LA
Working with Amber and Kerisa Denison immediately made sense to us. Our paths parallel each other; from our unconventional childhoods, to spending our formative years studying and acquiring experience internationally. Yet, ultimately we are all strongly rooted to our family and story in the forested mountains of the Interior. The twin's work spans through sculpture, dance, performance and design. Their series La Jeune Martyre is haunting and serene, and embodies the permanence of our pieces.
"We wanted to create images that reflected timelessness and antiquity. Images that were dramatic, palpable and distinctly beautiful, everything we associate with WOLF + SADIE and the Ancestors collection" – Amber & Kerisa Denison
La Jeune Martyre by Amber and Kerisa Denison
// Photography/ Models: Amber & Kerisa Denison // Videographer: Trevor Funk //
Read Kerisa and Amber's interview here.
Lykanthea // Lakshmi Ramgopal
Musician, based in Chicago
Lakshmi Ramgopal is a solo ambient musician based in Chicago, IL who performs under the stage name Lykanthea. Alchemizing spectral vocals and synths, she forms transient, enveloping worlds. Bramble and Lakshmi connected earlier this year while experiencing personal upheaval and professional shifts that were restricting their current sound and design. By asking Lakshmi contribute to MYTHS, WOLF + SADIE builds on the powerful connection they had begun to forge.
"In the past I’ve been committed to thinking about darkness as a vehicle for personal change and, as a result, I’ve been working with the dark color palettes I’ve always been comfortable with. I'm starting to venture into new palettes and see what I have to say about the bright and light things in the world." - Lakshmi Ramgopal
// hidden worlds | music by Lykanthea // video by Daniel Tovar // 

photography: Meagan Fredette

Read Lakshmi's full interview here.
sio heartless
Visual Artist, based in Germany
sio heartless is a visual artist passionate about manipulating her still images and video in black and white. Drawn to sio's irreverence towards typical beauty priorities, WOLF + SADIE approached sio, resulting in being each other's very first collaborators. Her work is stark, honest and haunting. She focuses on unearthing truths and challenging expectations in her work which making her a genuine story teller and realist. 
"We shouldn't be reduced to self-expression within the limits of what is rated beautiful by others and their expectations. Liberation of the female body is not only about the right to expose yourself however you feel like doing so; it is also about changing perspectives and the right to not put features immediately relatable to your sex or sexuality on display – it is about the right to distort."
– sio heartless 

// "gangrene" | music by surachai //
Read sio's full interview here.
Master Dreamer, based in Montreal
The core of Maude's work is her desire to understand human nature, which often feels surreal and questionable. Maude is a genius at weaving her personal story into her collections as though they are pieces of her soul. Her story is layered and introspective, just like her creations. Maude personifies the feminine drive and dreamy facet of Ancestors.

“Knitting allows me to experiment within a wide range of texture possibilities; matter and anti-matter dancing on the skin. Ancestors are a reflection of us, who are contradictory, and I think that's what makes us beautiful. I feel that beautiful jewelry like WOLF + SADIE's is similar to fine lingerie; it not only compliments the body but it also brings in a mysterious sensual dimension.” - Maude Nibelungen
//Morning Star music: Love Song to a Slave by International Mrs and Mr Leather//


Read Maude's full artist statement here.

Visual Artist, based in LA

 Blake and Bramble met in 2012 and we instantly connected artistically and personally. Blake's work is brave, striking and always a bit disturbing. He illustrates the quest for balance between light and dark, a theme that Wolf + Sadie explores with every collection. 

"Wolf + Sadie pieces are organic; regardless of shape or decoration, they melt into your skin. It almost just seems like they are extensions of your bones. With Wolf + Sadie, you have something that is so simple but so loud in what it says – regardless of gender, aesthetic, or lifestyle. That is something I will always support. Ancestors are pure clusters of artistic expression, so the attraction I have with the pieces is intense. There is no better reflection of artistic and collaborative success." - Blake Armstrong 



Read about Blake's full process here.



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